I absolutely love ‘Weight’. I remember feeling exactly the same when I heard Ellie Goulding for the first time, just before she took off and conquered the world, and I predict similarly big things for Aymee.”

— Matt Edmondson, Radio 1 DJ

Aymee Weir

Aymee’s recent single ‘Billboards’ is a reflection of her journey through adulthood, embracing the struggles and doubts that come with the pursuit of a dream. Approaching her 30s, Aymee found herself at a crossroads in her musical journey. Doubt crept into her mind as she navigated the challenges of societal pressure, especially as a woman seeking to make her mark in the music industry. Faced with the pressure of artistic expectations and an internal struggle to find her voice, she experienced a creative block that seemed insurmountable. However, it was during this period of doubt and vulnerability that Aymee found a unique source of inspiration. In a moment of clarity, she decided to confront her own insecurities head-on and poured her heart into her writing, embracing her feelings of uncertainty and self-discovery. The result was her upcoming single, "Billboards," which celebrates the strength found in vulnerability and embracing someone’s unique path.  It has been played on BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6 Music. This follows her previous collab with Matt Edmondson, which was played on Radio 1 & ITV to great response. Aymee's latest single has received several plays from BBC Introducing and she is set to release new music in 2024.

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'A sensational performance that stunned the audience from an artist who’s been taking over BBC 6 Music by storm' - BBC Introducing's Andrew Marston.

‘I genuinly love your voice Aymee’ - Scott Mills, Radio 5 Live.

 ‘The up and coming Pop artist absolutely blew us away with her prodigal approach to a resonant ballad. I have no doubt that this is just the beginning for the rising star’ - A&R Factory

'I simply fell in love with every song from the very first listen & could quite easily listen to this EP over and over again' - Fierce Fabulous Revolution

'Billboards' sees life’s gentle breeze disrupted by humanity’s raw and relentless passion. It’s a charming and charged ode to those long and winding journeys we each take, forging our own paths through the great unknown. “Never a straight line, it’s fine cause’ it’s mine and I’m ready to go,” Weir sings – and we’re right there with her, following billboards and figuring it out one day, one road, and one step at a time. - Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine. 

so much better - aymee weir

Calling It - Aymee Weir [official video]