Aymee’s recent single ‘Billboards’ is a reflection of her journey through adulthood, embracing the struggles and doubts that come with the pursuit of a dream. Approaching her 30s, Aymee found herself at a crossroads in her musical journey. Doubt crept into her mind as she navigated the challenges of societal pressure, especially as a woman seeking to make her mark in the music industry. Faced with the pressure of artistic expectations and an internal struggle to find her voice, she experienced a creative block that seemed insurmountable. However, it was during this period of doubt and vulnerability that Aymee found a unique source of inspiration. In a moment of clarity, she decided to confront her own insecurities head-on and poured her heart into her writing, embracing her feelings of uncertainty and self-discovery. The result was her upcoming single, "Billboards," which celebrates the strength found in vulnerability and embracing someone’s unique path. This follows her previous collab with Matt Edmondson, which was played on Radio 1 & ITV to great response. Aymee's latest single has received several plays from BBC Introducing and she is set to release her second single of 2023 this Autumn.